Want to start recreational MJ business?

  • Attend our seminar
  • Take lessons from pros
  • Learn about the licensing requirements
  • Learn about Operational Plans
  • Network with others
  • Learn all about starting a MJ business
how to open a dispensary in Oregon

Cannabis Business Formation and Start-up:

  • File cannabis business specific the Articles of Incorporation
  • Prepare Corporate Bylaws
  • Trademark Registration for Business / Products
  • Operational Plans, Business Plans, Floor Plans.
  • Turnkey Help With The Application
how to start a cannabis business in Oregon

Marijuana Business Management:

  • Turnkey business management
  • Employee staffing & training
  • Accounting & bookkeeping services
  • Security & Traceability
  • Complete store build-out & management
marijuana management

Bookkeeping and Accounting for Dispensaries:

  • Small Business Accounting
  • QuickBooks Services
  • Payroll
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Bank Financing
  • Business Valuation
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Bookkeeping for cannabis business
accounting for dispensary, how to start a cannabis business in Oregon

start a dispensary in Oregon


If you want to start a cannabis dispensary or recreational marijuana business in Oregon, you came to the right place.



  • Get ahead of the Oregon cannabis business curve & position yourself for success,
  • Learn from attorneys & other industry professionals how to start a medical marijuana dispensary,
  • Learn all the requirements for recreational marijuana business,
  • Understand and comply with Oregon dispensary laws, regulations and licensing requirements,
  • Understand the correct corporate structure for a marijuana dispensary business,
  • Institute a strategy to scale up your collective garden to a larger commercial operation,
  • Learn how to grow the best quality cannabis, take lessons from expert cannabis horticulturalists from OCI staff,
  • Learn all about the cannabis industry,
  • Create new industry contacts and network with others in the marijuana seminars,
  • Check out our seminar details, click here.


dispensary rules for Oregon

    Oregon weed institute

    Oregon Weed Institute

    Posted on 05 Feb 2016
    In order to secure a well paying and rewarding career in the medical marijuana industry, it is essential that you seek proper education. Having the right education is the foremost step and once you complete your training and your modules you will be able to obtain your certification.
    Weed business seminar

    Weed Business Seminar

    Posted on 27 Jan 2016
    There are claims that the benefits of weed outweigh its risks. While some people believe that there are more benefits, some believe that there are more risks. But, whatever the claims and beliefs are, weed has been legalized and individuals have been given business opportunities to se

    Courses for Cannabis Business

    Posted on 26 Jan 2016
    Starting a cannabis business is something that is on the minds of many people. But is it as easy as starting any other business like a clothing business or a departmental store? No, it is not because here we are dealing with illegal drugs. So what so many states have legalized the use
    Courses for cannabis business

    Medical Weed Seminars

    Posted on 22 Jan 2016
    Today, there is a growing demand for information. There is a huge need among individuals and entrepreneurs to understand how this new type of business model works. The medical weed industry is fairly new and not much information is available about how the industry works or how anyone