Want to Start a MMj Facility or Measure 91 recreational business? Attend one of our seminars.

  • Take lessons with Cannabis Attorneys
  • Cannabis Business Accountants
  • Cannabis Testing Lab
  • Learn about the licensing requirements
  • Learn about Operational Plans
  • Banking Solutions
  • Learn all about starting & operating a marijuana business in Oregon
how to open a dispensary in Oregon

Cannabis Business Formation and Start-up:

  • File cannabis business specific the Articles of Incorporation
  • Prepare Corporate Bylaws
  • Trademark Registration for Business / Products
  • Operational Plans, Business Plans, Floor Plans.
  • Turnkey Help With The Application
how to start a cannabis business in Oregon

Marijuana Business Management:

  • Turnkey business management
  • Employee staffing & training
  • Accounting & bookkeeping services
  • Security & Traceability
  • Complete store build-out & management
marijuana management

Bookkeeping and Accounting for Dispensaries:

  • Small Business Accounting
  • QuickBooks Services
  • Payroll
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Bank Financing
  • Business Valuation
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Bookkeeping for cannabis business
accounting for dispensary, how to start a cannabis business in Oregon

start a dispensary in Oregon


If you want to start a cannabis dispensary or recreational marijuana business in Oregon, you came to the right place.



  • Get ahead of the Oregon cannabis business curve & position yourself for success,
  • Learn from attorneys & other industry professionals how to start a medical marijuana dispensary,
  • Learn all the requirements for recreational marijuana business,
  • Understand and comply with Oregon dispensary laws, regulations and licensing requirements,
  • Understand the correct corporate structure for a marijuana dispensary business,
  • Institute a strategy to scale up your collective garden to a larger commercial operation,
  • Learn how to grow the best quality cannabis, take lessons from expert cannabis horticulturalists from OCI staff,
  • Learn all about the cannabis industry,
  • Create new industry contacts and network with others in the marijuana seminars,
  • Check out our seminar details, click here.


dispensary rules for Oregon

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